Language tutors

In addition to cultural events and activities held at Chinese Language Suite in Luce, you may also improve your language skills by obtaining individual tutors willing and able to help you.

Xu Yifeng; from Shanghai;; tel.: 7036775751; intend to major in philosophy and probably history; member of club soccer, interested in basketball, volleyball, singing, reading, and art; was educated in Chinese education system until the graduation of high school; speak Shanghainese, Mandarin, English, and a little Cantonese; enjoy talking about linguistics, literature, history, and philosophical theories.

360截图20140816180028972ZHANG Bo, from Beijing;; Tel.: 3309884154; took trip to the American’s high school in the Salt lake city for 2 weeks; participated in a cultural exchange program with students in the Salt Lake city high school; organized and participated in talks, events and activities with American classmates as part of a team of Chinese student representatives; developed teamwork, presentation and communication skills through the entire exchange experience; took part in a community of speaking skills training; improved English speaking skills; awarded as excellent student after the training;

生活照WU Feiyi, from Shanghai;; tel.: 330 621 3335; hobbies include: films: Disney, Marvel, a lot of, Tim Burton; musicals: ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Cat’, ‘Lion King’,‘Mozart-L’opera Rock’; Japanese Animate: a lot of: Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Eden of the East, Fullmetal Alchemist; piano: have been playing since 5 years old; classical music: Bach; classical literature: Greek literature, English literature; cooking: Chinese food, Japanese food, spaghetti; art: chalk painting, rubber carving,drawing; sports: Swimming; traveling: have been to Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Bali, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia; animals: cats are my favorite “I’ve been worked as a teaching assistant in China before and I really like to make new friends with new people. I can not only teach them language but also Chinese culture, politic problems(if they want) and cultural differences, to help them more deeply involved into Chinese. Also, we can talk about films or music or Animate, which are really popular with the domestic students, in our free times, in English and in Chinese. Since my mother is a Chinese teacher, I have earned a lot of experiences by watching her teaching. I believe I can also be a good teaching assistant myself!”

IMG_0293WANG Guanrong; from Nanning;; tel.: 3306014714; interested in history and art especially that of East Asia and Europe, intended to major in history and minor in Education; enjoy traveling, have been most of major cities China and interest in famous landmarks, culture and gourmet food in each place; favorite Food: Egg tart, Sushi; enjoying swimming, playing badminton, table tennis; enjoy music, I sing and play piano and a Chinese instrument called Pipa. I was a member of music association and founded the Chinese orchestra; enjoying swimming, playing badminton, table tennis; volunteer in the Museum of Guangxi Zhuang as a guide in 2012 and 2013; volunteer teacher in Longmen primary school as a English teacher in 2014; announcer in the radio station of high school for 2 years; Chinese lesson representative(课代表)for three years in junior school.

IMG_6122ZHENG Jingxia; from Beijing;; tel.:626-217-4457; intended psychology major, psychology and neuroscience; interested in stage performing; have won the best female supporting role in Beijing High School Arts Festival; interested in volunteer work, used to volunteer in Temple and primary school. Also volunteer in West Virginia during Fall Break, 2014; interested in Chinese traditional philosophy and culture. Always participated in Chinese Confucianism learning; enjoy music and singing, play erhu, a traditional Chinese two-string, already acquired the 10th level (the highest) of erhu graded examination; enjoy talking about religion, big questions and philosophy, currently one of the inter-faith scholars; enjoy practicing Taiji and meditation during the free-time. Also like to play tennis and do exercises in the gym; love cats, love life;

IMG_0417LIU Jinzhe; from Tianjin;; tel.:330-621-3340; intended Math & Physics double majors; want to become an engineer; interned at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Summer, 2013; always trying to become the best me I can be; trustworthy and responsible; enjoyed making friends, especially those with different cultural backgrounds; worked with the executive body to sponsor events such as English drama contest and English speech contest; organized weekly English corners for nearly 100 students to assist them with improving English skills; volunteered to provide assistance to patients diagnosed with AIDS;

IMG_0265CHEN Junyi, from China;; tel.: 330-621-3408; exchange Student: 07/2010-06/2011; finished 10th grade study in Creative Technologies Academy, Michigan; volunteered as a TA in my school’s Chinese classes; piano learning; 1999-2014; played the piano for over 14 years; learned to live with perseverance, ardor and devotion and gradually perceived the essence of art; teaching assistant of TOEFL: 10/2012-07/2014; lecture in introductory TOEFL classes; travelling: 2013-2014; Chengdu; Guangzhou; Beijing; Shanghai; Phuket, Thailand; Cebu, Philippines; Manila, Philippines; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2010-2011 Utah; Michigan; Tennessee; Florida. Editor of School Magazine; 08/2012-06/2014; published a series of stories to introduce my American exchange experience; revise essays and publish them. Painting: 2007-2014; my artworks were exhibited at school art shows and were auctioned for fund raising. Other Interests: Studying Languages (fluent in Mandarin and English, understand Cantonese, read and speak some Spanish; currently taking French); Horse Riding; Pool; Reading; Writing. Intended Major: Double major in Philosophy and Math; minor in French if possible;

IMG_3055DONG Shuning; from Changzhu;; tel.:3307494014; like playing piano and watching films; crazy about dogs; like helping others; enjoy making friends



image-1ZHANG Weifang; from Nanjing;; tel.:3302348565; major: art; 小學:南京市拉薩路小學; 初中:南京市外國語學校仙林分校; 高中:南京市外國語學校仙林分校; 大學(在讀):College of Wooster; 小學到初中擔任九年美術課代表。高中擔任過語文課代表,有做助理教學經驗,批過試卷改過作業錄過分數教過課監過考作文獲過獎為校刊撰過稿。當過交換生,在美教過當地人中文。做過年鑒。做過兼職。愛好中文,看書,寫作,畫畫,鋼琴,古箏,書法,料理,日劇,日語,聽歌,電影,踩落葉,發呆,睡覺,手工,設計,心理學,喝咖啡,攝影,馬術,賞櫻花,散步,旅行,研究人類,看風景;

09734f4XU Steve; from Shenzhen;; tel.: (615)308-9383; intend to major in philosophy and minor in Spanish; enjoy hiking, watching movies, playing basketball and soccer, hanging out with friends; enjoy doing volunteers work; was a lower school mentor at Harvest Hand Nashville for half an year and participated in the first West Virginia Fall Break Service Trip; currently involved in Moot Court, Young Americans for Liberty and Movie Club; enjoy talking about politics, religion, philosophy; like going to art museums and concerts, was in a Jazz & Rock Ensemble for one year as a keyboarder;

original_etVF_4f4900000c96125eZHANG Zhirui; from Qingdao;; tel.:330-234-8567; love to play soccer, ride bike and play games; have learned Taekwondo, and have got 2nd Dan of black belt; can cook some Chinese food; have been to Sichuan for volunteering.


IMG_5850ZHAO Zixuan; from Dongying;; tel.:330-234-3479; helped classmates as a professional tutor to improve grades and solve academic problems and assisted to preform presentation, such as Career Development and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator during Senior high school; enjoyed singing, drawing, and photographing;


yunjia3ZENG Yunjia, from Chengdu, Sichuan;; tel. : 330-234-4683; worked with Daka Education Company for half of the year; running programes with the foriegners and the local students in Chengdu and let them learning languages together; after coming to wooster I worked as tutor to help students in other countries practice Chinese; right now the secretery of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in the College; look for more ways to help both Chinese students and local students to work together; also the director of the Chinese New Year Event last year and will also in charge of the event this year;

TANG Wenxin; from Guangdong;; tel.:(330)234-7709; interested in global business willing to become more multicultural and open-minded; love explaining everything about China and learning more about how individuals from different cultural background view about China; interested in Arts, both studio arts and architecture and willing to explain about Chinese arts and traditions. (I can teach both Chinese and Calligraphy at the same time!); enjoy music! Play alto-saxophone and used to play Chinese flute. Learning ukulele right now! love helping others! Used to volunteer a lot in the past four years. Hit me up, so we can learn from each other more at the same time!

ZHAO Ming;; hobbies include basketball, computer game, video game, chess, musics;

ZHU Xingrong; from Shenzhen;; tel.:3; 30-234-7706; intended major in Chemistry, interested in natural science, Chinese History and culture difference; standard Chinese pronunciation; enjoy traveling, have been to most of provinces in China; wide knowledge for Traditional Chinese Culture and area culture difference in China; interested in Chinese Cuisine; adapt at cooking Chinese Food; interested in Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medical Tradition; enjoying talking about history and culture difference.