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Chinese-English and English-Chinese translations represent high proficiency in both languages. The short speech below is well written and skilled in rhetorics. You can score merit points (up to 600) in addition to or supplement your regular grade if your rendition is of high quality, with the same eloquence and expressiveness as in the original. You are welcome to try your hand at this project and perhaps begin your career as a professional translator!

Who should apply

  • Native speaker of Chinese with native fluency in English, preferably with some experience as interpreter or translator;
  • Language students with the equivalent of 202 level or higher, having had some cultural experience living in countries or geographical areas where the official language is not necessarily your mother tongue
  • radio personality or talkshow host experience is a plus as your voice will be dubbed over the original Chinese soundtrack to replicate the same effects

Process and steps in close consultation with the teacher

  1. read over the original to comprehend the content, transcribe it if without a text;
  2. begin translating and consult the teacher when in doubt; produce a perfect rendition in diction, style and accuracy; do justice to the original narrative
  3. use such softwares as iMovie or Photoshop to dub your voice and/or write your new text into the audio clip, without compromising the original sound and visual qualities;
  4. make sure your text and/or voice gets displayed and heard in the same number of frames as the original so that the viewer has time to read and listen to your narration;
  5. save your project in .mov, mp3, formats so other people can easily access your work as a translator

Clip on Youtube


Application Form

The translation can be done by one individual or by a group of people

Name(s) of the applicant(s)

  1. Print_______________ ;  Sign ___________________;
  2. Print_______________:  Sign ___________________;
  3. Print_______________; Sign ___________________;

Merit points to be credited in three installments:

  • first 1/2 of the total score given out when both the Chinese and English texts prove satisfactory to the end user
  • second 1/2 of the total score dispensed when the new video/audio clip is produced
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