Literary Reviews

学术刊物 Academic Journals and peer- reviewed magazines
现代作家与导演简介 Biography of Writers and Directors
《黑白李》老舍 Black Li and White Li
《黑的雪》刘恒 Black Snow
《家》巴金 Family
《像我这样的一个女子》西西 Girl Like Me
《男人的一半是女人》张贤亮 Half of Man is Woman
《爱是不能忘记的》张洁 Love Must Not Be Forgotten
《一吻》石陀 Kiss
《狂人日记》鲁迅 Madman’s Diary
《故乡》鲁迅 My Old Home
《祝福》鲁迅 New Year’s Sacrifice
《老字号》老舍 Old Established Name
《二十四孝图》鲁迅 Picture-Book of Filial Piety
《伤逝》鲁迅 Regret for the Past
《沉沦》郁达夫 Sinking, Spring Silkworms
《灵山》高行健 Soul Mountain
學術期刊出版社 Academic Journals
Cambridge University Press for a variety of academic journals Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television;
China-US Journal of Humanities; East Asia: An International Journal;
journals published by University of Illinois Press; Bright Lights Film Journal for scholarship on media studies
Journal of Cinema and Media Studies (JCMS Frontiers of Literary Studies in China;
Indiana University of Pennsylvania (English Department); World Literature Today; published by University of University of Oklahoma;
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, submissions by members of RMMLA only; Intellect (for academic journals devoted to a wide range of topics)
China Perspective; by French Center for Research on Contemporary China Routledge; Journal of Film and Video by University of Illinois Press;
University of Hawaii Press for scholarship on East Asia and China;  University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology;
Lexington Books by Rowman & Littlefield PublicAffairs journal;
University of Wisconsin Press for various academic journals; Brill is a publisher for East Asian scholars and academics